Mission Statement

The mission of Assessment and Planning is to gather, synthesize, and share the stories of the student experiences beyond the classroom. Assessment and Planning helps Student Affairs assess, plan, and communicate its contributions to cocurricular learning



We believe telling the unique stories of student learning is foundational to our work. The KU student experience beyond the classroom is special and central to our value proposition. 


We recognize creativity and innovation are born out of inquiry. Every project should start with a great question.   


We aim to reflect the lived experiences of all students, particularly those who hold marginalized identities. Our work should center students and contribute to addressing inequities on campus. 


We maintain all interactions with colleagues should be made with care and compassion. We are committed to developing relationships rooted in mutual understanding and the spirit of collaboration.  


We promote process over results and recognize trial and error are necessary to provide high-quality student experiences. We learn and grow from our shortcomings. 


We prioritize clarity and consistency in our approach to supporting Student Affairs. Staff members’ support of student learning should clearly align with Student Affairs’ missions and goals.