Campus Labs (formerly Student Voice)

The Office of the Vice Provost wants you to use the many features of Campus Labs. Campus Labs offers a wealth of information about assessment and how others are using CampusLabs on their campus. You can use this service to create a survey and analyze your results.

Reserving an Apple iPod touch: 

We have Apple iPod touches for in person survey collection. Your CampusLabs survey can be uploaded to the Ipod Touches. Please allow at least a week for Campus Labs to ready your survey and give the Office of the Vice Provost for Student Affairs time to load your survey onto the Apple iPod touch.

You may reserve the iPod touches by emailing the Director of Student Affairs Assessment, Kevin Joseph ( or calling 785-864-9109. In your email/call, please indicate: 1) the number of Ipod Touches requested (11 are available), 2) the day of pick-up and drop-off*, 3) the name of the person responsible for the Ipod Touches, and 4) the name of your survey on CampusLabs.

*Note that someone must come to 133 Strong Hall to pick up the Apple Ipod touches. The office is open M-F, 8am - 5pm. Your Ipod Touches will be charged ahead of time and the survey will be uploaded. Charging cords are available if you need the Ipod Touches for more than one day.

Getting Access to Campus Labs: 

If you need an employee to have access to your department’s assessments on CampusLabs, please contact  Kevin Joseph ( who can facilitate your request. Kevin will need: 1) the name of the person needing access to CampusLabs, 2) the individuals’ username (from KU).